Off Road Diesel

We Have Your equipment covered.

Fleetwing Oil has been providing Off Road Diesel to job sites all across Florida for more than 60 years. We have been tested against some of the worst storms in Florida’s history and where not found wanting.  Whether its getting mud on the tires to get to you or it’s using cutting edge tech to ensure fuel is moving to when you need it.



Fleetwing Oil’s Smart Tank system allows us to keep you informed on whats going on in your system. That’s right you will know what your real burn rate is and with fuel prices changing you can better plan you spending. with out having to worry about running dry. Smart Tank dashboard allows to view all your jobsite data in place. Smart Tank tracking allows your tank to talk to you. It let’s us know when it needs fuel by measuring what went it and out it messages us and you to inform 30% ( or what ever percentage you feel comfortable with) is reached. Working with our 24/5 fleet we have got you covered..

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Onsite Job Site Fueling (Wet Hosing)

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Why waste your skilled team members time fueling there equipment when we are already on site and could do it night while causing no down time during the day to the equipment? Fleetwing can do this for you at night to ensure there is no machine down time do to fuel.