On Road Diesel

Fast Delivery and Flexible Options

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Fleetwing Oil maintains ongoing relationships with major carriers in several states for fast, reliable delivery. Unlike companies operating limited fleets, Fleetwing Oil can provide delivery options with virtually unlimited flexibility to meet your schedule. Visit our Transportation page to learn more about our Transportation and Logistics department.

Lowest Available Price



As a large independent wholesaler, Fleetwing Oil offers fuel from many sources – not just one. This means we can shop for the lowest price among several suppliers, buy in volume, and pass the savings on to you. No single-source supplier can consistently offer such savings, week after week.

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The Quality You Demand

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Because Fleetwing Oil is an independent wholesaler, we can provide fuel from a variety of major-brand suppliers. You can order the brand-name product you prefer or choose the lowest priced supplier. You’re assured of quality fuel that consistently meets your high standards. Fleetwing Oil supplies high performance fuel additives using the latest technology in the industry. Simply adding Fleetwing Oil additives year round will reduce maintenance, extend engine life and supply peak performance from your fuel, every time.