Fleetwing Oil is Fueling Innovation through Industry Leading Technology

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Cloud Based

Custom Portals

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Real Time Data

Custom Dashboards

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Zero Customer Scarfice

Technology Enhancements

Complete Visibility Into Your Operations

Technology is an important component of our unparalleled customer service offering. As an entrepreneurial business, we leverage our network connections and cutting-edge technology to improve the way we do business and simplify the logistics procurement process. Fleetwing Oil has invested in proven technology that enables us to provide a stream of real-time data directly to our customers’ fingertips whenever they want it, wherever they are. This on-the-go data sharing allows our professional partners to make smarter, more efficient decisions to strengthen their operations and bottom line.

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Fuel Integrity with Tank Maintenance

Preventative Fuel and Tank Maintenance Plans including Fuel Analysis, Polishing Services and Additives.

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Inventory Management

Wirelessly monitor fuel usage on your tanks, drivers, and vehicles in real-time. Integrated software allows you to build custom operational dashboards, fuel usage reports, and tank fuel inventory levels.

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Risk Management Solutions

Take advantage of ever-changing market conditions with Fleetwings’ pricing and risk management contract programs.